Will smaller items be packed and boxed?

Smaller items such as books, clothes, crockery, toys, etc will be packed into boxes.

Will wardrobe boxes be supplied?

Wardrobe boxes for all hanging clothes will be supplied on a rental basis to save costs.

Will my furniture and fragile items be protected?

All furniture and larger fragile items such as pictures, mirros, TV, Audio Equipment, Computers etc will be wrapped and protected.

Who will dismantle and assemble my furniture / equipment?

Movers not Shakers will handle the dismantling and assembling of all furniture and equipment as required.

Am I able to pack, dismantle or assemble myself?

Although we commonly carry out all 3 aspects of a move, you might want to carry out some of these activities yourself (most commonly item 1, or part thereof) to reduce costs. We are totally flexible to fit into whatever suits you best

If I decide to pack myself will Movers not Shakers supply me with packing materials?

We can supply and deliver all packing materials prior to your move if required.

Will you need parking bays?

A vital part of any removal is the availability of appropriate parking for the trucks. We would normally reserve parking bays through the relevant councils although this is not always appropriate or necessary depending on your location and volume of your removal.

Is it important to consider where items must be placed at the new location?

It is important to consider where you would want the men to place all items of furniture and boxes at your new location.

Will I be insured during the process?

Yes, all your goods will be insured during the move.