Office Removals


Office relocations form a significant section of the business activity of Mover Not Shakers Ltd. We specialise in smaller company removals (up to 50 staff members).

We have in-house computer and network knowledge and typically liaise closely with the company’s IT staff to ensure minimal disruption to the company’s operations. This often results in out of office hours removals. We can be as flexible as you need us to be to fit around your schedule.

We supply office and computer packing crates and packing materials and have extensive experience in the protection and transportation of fragile office equipment.

It is standard for us to dismantle and assemble office furniture during the relocation. We also provide protective wrapping to ensure your furniture is not damaged in transit.

We have our own trade storage facilities for long term storage and have discounted deals available with some of the major commercial storage companies.

We can arrange parking reservations for all removals through the various councils.

We are fully insured and can adjust our insurance to cater for your needs.

Above all, we supply a friendly, professional, can do service, sympathetic to the stresses that moving offices places on our clients. We guarantee a high level of expertise and experience from all of our staff. We do not sub-contract any work. Responsibility for all removals are handled by a single individual who you will have direct contact with throughout your move.

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